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Government buildings review safety amid pro-Palestine protests

  • Pro-Palestine protests ramp up as many demand ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war
  • Most protests are peaceful, but some have led to clashes with the police
  • A Jewish lawmaker's office was vandalized by pro-Palestinian protesters

(NewsNation) — Pro-Palestine protests are ramping up, causing some government buildings to review their safety plans in case peaceful demonstrations turn to illegal acts.

In recent days, many pro-Palestine protests have been successful in disrupting business as usual. Most recently, a sit-in calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war in Sacramento forced the California Democratic National Convention to end early.

Besides disrupting day-to-day activities, some protests have turned into violent clashes between demonstrators and the police.

Just last week, police forcibly removed protesters who were illegally blocking the entrance to the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The protest forced the evacuations of some top lawmakers and led to at least one arrest of a man who allegedly punched a police officer.

Groups wanting to make a statement about the war also targeted some Congress members and their officers with vandalism.

The New York City office of Jewish Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman was graffitied with the phrases “Free Palestine” and “Let Gaza Live.”

“Harassing, intimidating, and outright attacking the staff of a Jewish elected official at a time of rising violence and rampant antisemitism is dangerous and unacceptable,” Goldman spokesperson Simone Kanter said in a statement.

Depending on how long the war lasts, this kind of environment could impact planning for the presidential nominating conventions, set to be held this summer.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

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