K-pop fans vs. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un


LOS ANGELES (NewsNation Now) — K-pop is the latest target of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un with the country promising crackdown and harsh penalties on citizens caught listening to the music. The large and powerful ‘BTS Army’ may be mobilizing in response.

The ‘BTS Army’ is the massive fan base of the K-pop group BTS which has proven before how it can influence and disrupt the plans of a major world leader.

There is no denying the popularity of everything Korean entertainment across the globe right now, from the catchy music of the ultra hot group BTS, to Korean movies and highly-addictive K-dramas.

The swell of Korean entertainment seeping into North Korea has dictator Kim Jong-un calling it a “vicious cancer.”

Variety’s Jem Aswad predicts a mobilizing of the BTS army after those comments from the dictator.

“When I saw that, I thought, does he know who he’s tangling with?” said Aswad.

Last year, K-Pop fans used TikTok to sabotage a Trump event at the BOK center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“They significantly disrupted Trump’s planned rally in Oklahoma by massing and reserving tickets for it that they did not plan to use,” said Aswad.

It wound up getting cancelled.

Recent K-dramas have even included a popular series involving a north-south Korean love story called “Crash Landing on You.”

“I don’t think it’s a vicious cancer. I think it’s like a form of art. And people express their personality and love… K-pop,” said “BTS Army” member Annabelle Kim.

Few seem to have doubt about what would happen in a face-off between the North Korean dictator and the “BTS Army.”

“They’re so many of them and they can mobilize with the internet, they can make anything happen and they have a lot of passion. I think the ‘BTS Army’ is going to win,” said K-pop fan Lora Lee.

“That is what Kim Jong Un is messing with. I would not be surprised if K-pop fans as we speak, were working on hacking their way into the North Korean government’s computers,” added Aswad.

Observers expect North Korea will unleash new anti-K-pop propaganda and stress harsh punishment for those caught listening.

Few believe North Korean demand for K-pop entertainment will change as a result though.

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