‘Queen Camilla’ gets official title in Charles’ coronation invitation

  • King Charles' wife is "Queen Camilla" for the first time on coronation invitations
  • A lifestyles correspondent says it's a testament to how far she's come
  • Harry and Meghan are expected to attend, but their kids' roles are unclear

(NewsNation) — The coronation of King Charles marks the transition of “Queen Consort Camilla” to just “Queen Camilla.”

The hand-painted, highly coveted invitations to the event, sent to about 2,000 guests, were from “King Charles III and Queen Camilla.”

“It’s kind of a big deal. She will be crowned in a traditional ceremony alongside King Charles and it’s really a testament to how far she’s come from Charles’ secret lover to now Queen Camilla,” said Talia Lakritz, lifestyles correspondent at Insider.

The coronation will come with some drama, as the roles of the royal couple’s grandchildren isn’t too clear.

King Charles’ first-born grandson, Prince George, is expected to play a major role in the event alongside Camilla’s three grandchildren and great nephew.

However, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, the children of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, may be sitting on the sidelines due to tensions following Prince Harry’s tell-all book and the couple’s documentary outlining their grievances with the British royal family.

”All families have drama. But this is not just a family. It’s the ultimate family business,” said Rob Shuter, host of the celebrity podcast “Naughty but Nice.”

“Having an insider throw stones at them is something that just will not be tolerated,” Shuter said.

While it is a big moment for soon-to-be Queen Camilla, fans of Princess Diana may have their moment too, according to Lakritz.

”In the invitation for the coronation, one of the flowers featured is a little lily of the valley. And that was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite flower, but it also was Princess Diana’s favorite flower,” Lakritz said. “So whether intended or not, I think there are definitely little places where Princess Diana’s memory will pop up.”

The coronation is scheduled to take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.


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