Biden to sign $100 million weapons package for Ukraine

Russia At War

(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden is expected to sign another $100 million dollar weapons package for Ukraine.

The U.S. has already given billions of dollars worth of guns, missiles and intelligence to aid Ukraine in its battle against Russia, but the White House has been adamant that it is not sending U.S. troops.

This is still a war between Russia and Ukraine, not the U.S. and Russia, Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby said Thursday.

“Putin chose to wage against the people of Ukraine against the Ukrainian Armed Forces. That’s the war, and it doesn’t matter how much Mr. Putin wants to advance their rhetoric that it’s somehow the West versus Russia or that his National Security was threatened,” Kirby said. “It wasn’t. And this war isn’t about the West. It’s not about NATO. It’s not about the United States.”

The Pentagon wouldn’t say if it would adjust U.S. troops’ posture in NATO countries in case Russia decides to retaliate for continued support to Ukraine. 

Still, Moscow has taken notice of the U.S. helping Ukraine, saying they are aware of the intelligence being shared. Russia blames the steady flow of weapons from the US and allies—for slowing down its “quick completion of the operation.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started 10 weeks ago. While Russian troops have caused mass devastation and chaos across the country, Ukrainian forces continue to fight back. On Friday, Ukraine’s military claimed it recaptured some areas in the south and repelled other attacks in the east.

Biden and other G7 leaders will talk virtually with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday.

The White House says the timing of the visit is intentional— coming the day before Russia’s planned Victory Day on May 9. That’s the day people are speculating Russian President Vladimir Putin could formally declare war on Ukraine—fully mobilizing his reserve forces. Although the Kremlin dismissed speculation that Putin will declare war, he is set to oversee a military parade on Moscow’s Red Square.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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