‘Carrying the burden’: Faith leaders call for peace in Ukraine

Russia At War

(NewsNation) — Pope Francis called for an Easter truce in Ukraine, asking leaders to “make some sacrifices for the good of the people.” He joins many other faith leaders urging for the end of the ongoing invasion.

In Ukraine, many faith-based communities have provided humanitarian aid to civilians and supported refugee efforts.

“It’s been beautiful to see the way people have been adapting and showing God’s love to each other,” said Pastor Andrew Moroz of the Gospel Community Church in Lynchburg, Virginia

Moroz said he visited Ukraine last week and spent time with some churches that have transformed into humanitarian hubs.

“Some of these pastors and parishes are now using their vehicles to transport refugees, evacuate people and deliver aid. It was interesting to see,” he said on “Morning in America.”

Moroz saw firsthand the impact of the war on the faith community and the people of Ukraine, but he says everyone is in it together.

“Everybody’s carrying the burden. Everybody’s trying to help support the work that’s happening in the east. They’re sending aid to the east,” he said.

The pastor says he’s nervous about Ukraine’s future as it’s speculated that Russian President Vladimir Putin is fighting this war partially due to the Ukrainian church separating from the Russian Orthodoxy.

“Putin is so frustrated about the fact that Ukrainian Orthodox Church has split away from the Russian Orthodox Church. He wants to return to control the church in Ukraine,” Moroz said. “This is a threat of religious freedom because in Russia, as it was in the former Soviet Union, the church is controlled by the state. They have not condemned what’s been happening in Ukraine.”

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