Conflict continues in Ukraine as Russian attacks intensify

Russia At War

(NewsNation) — Russia has intensified attacks in Ukraine as the conflict continues for a 10th month and U.S. officials have recently said that Iran may be contributing to Russian war crimes in the country.

Kira Rudyk, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, spoke to NewsNation about the current state of the conflict. She said Ukraine is continuing to fight back against Russian aggression in a fight many didn’t think would last as long as it has.

“We are the country, and we are fighting for our sovereignty, for the freedom of our nation. And … so far, we have been very successful in standing up against the second largest army in the whole world,” she said.

Rudyk said the war is on the minds of all Ukrainians, and even those trying to rebuild in damaged cities are considering what is happening on the front lines.

“It’s very cold outside right now. And once anybody’s trying to complain, the answer is always there is a place where it is colder, it’s at the battlefield and the trenches,” Rudyk said.

She said the damage left in the wake of the Russian army is extensive, and attacks like those in Bakhmut turn cities into virtual wastelands.

“This is only comparable to what happened in Mariupol, where Russia has basically made it like a nuclear field without using the nuclear weapons,” Rudyk said. “What are they trying to achieve?”

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