Russia’s war in Ukraine threatens Switzerland’s neutrality

(NewsNation) — Russia’s war is directly responsible for dramatic geopolitical shifts in Europe; now, Switzerland’s centuries-old tradition of neutrality could be thrown out.

Pressure is mounting on the Swiss government from its citizens and the international community to end the country’s ban on exports of Swiss weapons to war zones.

As Russia’s assault ramps up, Swiss voters seem ready to break from tradition.

A recent survey conducted by Sotomo Institut found that 55% of respondents favored allowing weapons to be sent to Ukraine.

Jamil Jaffer, the founder and executive director of the National Security Institute, said the Swiss might see the “very real threat” that Russia poses to the region, not just to Ukraine.

“Putin may represent a significant threat and a threat to the stability of Europe,” Jaffer said. “I think that the Swiss recognize that in this interconnected global world, their decisions have a significant impact on the ability of allies to do things.”

Watch Jamil Jaffer’s full interview in the video player above.

War in Ukraine

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