‘Sanction their oil’: Rep. Long on cutting off Putin’s ability to wage war

Russia At War

(NewsNation Now) — Saying history was watching the way the world responds, U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a resolution “steadfastly” in support of Ukraine.

Republican U.S. Rep. Billy Long from Missouri was among those who voted in favor of the resolution.

“We’re gonna do everything that we possibly can to support the Ukrainian people,” Long said during an appearance on “Morning in America.”

Democratic New Jersey Rep Donald Norcross said that the resolution was done to “unify the voice of Congress to the world.”

“We are together as one nation,” he said.

With intensifying urgency, many in Congress said more must be done to help Ukraine and cut off Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability to wage war.

“The first thing we need to do is quit buying oil from Vladimir Putin,” Long said. “We’re sponsoring this war. We’re putting money into this war, billions of dollars every day, and it needs to stop.”

Long said Justin Trudeau and Canada lead the way, announcing a ban on Russian oil imports.

“They’re not buying any more Russian oil and to think that we are continuing,” he said. “We haven’t sanctioned Russian oil. We’ve put these other sanctions on but let’s do something that matters,” Long said.

Norcross said the sanctions will help shut Putin up and “pay the cost.”

“These are the heaviest sanctions in the history of our country outside of North Korea and Iran,” he said.

In addition to official government sanctions, bars and liquor stores across the U.S. and Canada are attempting to economically hurt Russia by refusing to sell Russian vodka and other Russian liquor.

“Pouring vodka that probably made in the United States by a French company that has a Russian name or used to be a Russian vodka. That’s symbolic,” Long said. “Let’s do something that matters.”

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana were the only nay votes on House Resolution 956, titled “Supporting the People of Ukraine.”

“I see things like that every day in Congress,” Long said. “A lot of people like to stand out for various reasons for to get their name out of the press and to maybe raise money off of it. I have no clue in the world why anyone could have voted against that resolution yesterday.”

Standing for Ukraine has bipartisan support and is something that has rallied both Republicans and Democrats, but Long is critical of President Joe Biden on several fronts.

“Politics should stop at the water’s edge in a situation like this, so I don’t want to be overly critical of the president, he said.” “But I would certainly say that when he got in office and stopped Keystone XL Pipeline on the first day, a few months later allowed Nord Stream 2 to go through the natural gas pipeline in Russia. None of this makes any sense at all.”

Long said the sanctions that we’ve implemented so far need to be enforced and do no good if you don’t enforce them.

“We need to sanction their oil,” he said. “We need to quit buying their oil, we need to drill here. We need to frack here. We can produce oil cleaner than anyone.”

With gas prices surging and more sanctions being put on Russia, there’s been a push to reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oil.

Long currently serves on the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Republican lawmakers are specifically proposing opening up federal lands in the U.S. for drilling oil and gas, something that was halted by Biden through an executive order early in his term.

“Like I said on January 19, the day before Biden was sworn in, we were energy independent. We were a net exporter of oil. And we need to get back there,” he said.

West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is the only member of his party to agree with the resumption of drilling for oil on federal lands.

“We want to make sure there’s no hardship to the American public,” Manchin said. “We can prevent that by ramping up our production. We have the ability.”

Most Democrats, though, are committed to their climate goals — reducing dependence on oil altogether.

New York Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse told NewsNation that some of the Republican rhetoric regarding drilling is driven by the oil lobby.

“There is no crisis in the world that the oil industry doesn’t try to conclude requires more oil drilling,” Whitehouse said.

Watch the full interview with U.S. Rep. Billy Long in the video player at the top of the page.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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