Stories of bravery: Ukrainians rally to defend their country

Russia At War

As war wages on across Ukraine, stories of heroism and bravery are flooding social media.

Early Friday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared determined in a video calling on Ukrainians to stay and fight Russia, signing off with a battle cry, “glory to Ukraine.”

Two Hall of Fame boxers, brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, enlisted in Ukraine’s reserve army earlier this month. They both intend to defend their country.

Vitali, who is also the mayor of Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv, has said he would fight in the streets if need be.

“I don’t have another choice,” he told a reporter with ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” in an interview on Thursday. “I would have to do that … I will be fighting.”

Even Ukrainian Parliament is setting the tone, member Kira Rudik tweeted: “Our women will protect our soil the same way as our men.”

Other tweets claim to show civilian men taking up arms in the streets of Kyiv, repeating the same battle cry, “glory to Ukraine!”

Hundreds of miles away in the Black Sea, several reports say 13 Ukrainian guards were killed as Russia overtook Snake Island, a small military outpost.

When faced with almost certain death, Ukrainian forces refused to lay down their arms, opting for words of defiance instead: “Russian warship. Go f— yourself.”

Video of the exchange, shared widely on social media, was verified as authentic by the Washington Post and NewsNation confirmed the translation was correct.

As the death toll climbs and more people get hurt, hundreds are rolling up their sleeves to give blood.

But perhaps the most elusive hero is a Ukrainian fighter pilot who has been dubbed the “Ghost of Kyiv.”

Photos and videos on social media claim the pilot has single-handedly shot down six Russian jets. Those reports are currently unverified.

NewsNation has reached out to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and defense intelligence about the “Ghost of Kyiv,” but has not received a response.

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