Ukraine invasion: Poland expects up to 1M refugees

KYIV, Ukraine (NewsNation Now) — As Russia mounts a full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine, a long line has begun to form at the Polish border.

Anya Swanson spent hours Thursday trying to make it from western Ukraine, where she thought it was safe, to her mother’s home across the border in Poland.

“It makes me feel angry and it makes me feel scared at the same time because we don’t want to be occupied by Russia. We want to be free,” Swanson said.

According to Politico, Polish Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wąsik told Polish Radio that the nation is expecting as many as one million refugees from Ukraine, and hundreds of cars are already lined up at the border.

An official with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said he’s seeing movement to the west across the country.

“What is happening now inside Ukraine is that people are looking for safety and are finding that safety where they can,” Chris Bolan said.

Aid organizations estimate thousands have already crossed borders to Romania and Moldova. The UNHCR said those leaving their homes need the basics including food and shelter.

That’s what they, the Red Cross and others are offering.

“The consequences of the latest fighting are immediate,” said Peter Maurer of the International Committee of the Red Cross. “Within minutes, people have had to leave their lives behind in a desperate search for a safe haven. The International Committee of the Red Cross continues to stand with the people of Ukraine. Our teams are at work right now aiding those in need.”

Meanwhile, with Ukraine under martial law, the government has told its male citizens from 18 to 60 that they can’t leave their country’s borders. Adult male Ukranians are being urged to stay and fight.

War in Ukraine

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