Russian oligarch critical of Putin found dead at Indian hotel


(NewsNation) — A wealthy Russian businessman, politician and critic of President Vladimir Putin was found dead over the weekend at a hotel in India.

Pavel Antov was on vacation at the time of his death and not everyone thinks it was an accident, especially since Antov has been critical of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Antov was found dead Saturday after reportedly falling from his third-floor hotel room balcony in India.

Antov was a well-known figure — one of the wealthiest Russians to hold office in the country. Forbes Magazine ranked him one of the wealthiest people in the country at $140 million back in 2019.

His death has been ruled an apparent suicide, but an investigation is underway as many say it appears suspicious.

Antov was traveling in India with three others and celebrating his upcoming 66th birthday. Days before his death, another member of the group, Vladimir Bidenov, was also found dead.

The Russian consul in Kolkata, India, says there is no “criminal element” to the two deaths. Authorities said the friend had a stroke after drinking too much and that Antov was distraught over his death.

It isn’t the first time someone critical of Putin, or his war in Ukraine, has been found dead.

At least eight Russian businessmen have died of apparent suicides or accidents in the last six months, including Lukoil Chairman Ravil Maganov, who died after falling from a window of a Moscow hospital in September.

Indian officials said the investigation is ongoing and they are looking at all possible angles.

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