Witness to Kabul explosion shares what she saw, hopes to leave Afghanistan

Taliban Takeover

KABUL, Afghanistan (NewsNation Now) — As an Afghan journalist neared the gates outside Kabul’s airport Thursday morning, bombs went off, killing 13 U.S. troops and dozens of Afghans.

“All people are running, we hear there was an explosion among the people at the airport,” said the young journalist, who we will refer to as “Sara” for safety reasons. “It kills a lot of people.”

Sara had been outside Hamid Karzai International Airport for two straight days. She has had tickets on multiple flights out but has been unable to break through the massive crowds to reach the terminal.

“We are in danger,” Sara said. “We are in a bad situation and in bad days.”

Sara is now back at her home, a home she knows is not safe.

“Once the Taliban come to my home and find me and ask me some questions,” Sarah said. “They may know me, about anything that I write on my Facebook or the interviews I did about them. So what will be their reaction? They will kill me. Truly.”

For now, Sara waits for another ride to the airport. To get there, she will have to pass through checkpoints. She claims she’s already been sexually assaulted at the stops.

“I was supposed to show my papers,” Sara said. “Just two or three of the men did this to me, they were touching the ladies. It was a big shame.”

Sara says the Taliban are everywhere. She is speaking out, begging for help.

“I need to leave my country,” Sara said. “I’m asking anybody here to help me for going out from here because I cannot live in this regime.”

She says she feels for the girls of Afghanistan because she is one. In her words, they’ve lost everything and she’s terrified that progress won’t come back.

“We need the support of America,” Sara said. “We need our freedom. We do not want to lose the 20 years that we hard work for Afghanistan.”

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