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What threats do flying ‘objects’ pose to US? Expert weighs in

(NewsNation) — After the U.S. announced that it downed another flying object Sunday — the fourth in little more than a week — Jamil Jaffer, founder and executive director of the National Security Institute, joined “NewsNation Prime” to provide insights into threats posed by the recent aerial breaches to North American airspace.

Jaffer broke down the U.S. radar detection system, explaining, it was not designed to pick up the kinds of objects being shot down, and could inadvertently show radar capabilities to adversaries of the U.S.

”Our sensors were set to exclude smaller, slower moving objects, and so we’re now detecting a lot more of these, not that they’re newly in our airspace,” Jaffer said. “Ultimately, we’re giving them more data about our intelligence collection capabilities against them, our radars and our weapons.”

Watch Jaffer’s analysis in the player above.


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