Italy’s Mt. Etna volcano erupts spewing lava, rattles windows and doors


SICILY, Italy (NewsNation Now) — Hot lava spewed from the mouth of Sicily’s Mount Etna during the volcano’s most recent eruption Monday, a little more than a week after another lava fountaining episode.

According to, on Aug. 4, a brief episode of ash emitted from the northeast crater. After that, the volcano continued to be calm until Monday when “first signs of a reawakening appeared in the form of intermittent strombolian explosions at the new SE crater,” the site wrote in a post.

The activity gradually picked up Monday night and peaked after midnight, and reached “lava fountaining in the early hours around 3 a.m. local time.”

At least two lava flows were produced. Then, the volcano greeted people living around the mountain with a series of explosions of “large bursting lava bubbles from the crater that generated shock waves that rattled windows and doors.”

Stunning nighttime footage was captured by photographer Gaetano Longo, a resident of Belpasso, near the volcano’s base.

Storyful contributed to this report.

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