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International nonprofit providing aid to IDF soldiers

  • The New York-based nonprofit has stepped up to help the Israeli soldiers
  • The group is made up of 500 wounded IDF soldiers
  • ‘You wake up one morning, and everything changes’

(NewsNation) – The number of Israeli soldiers killed in the attacks stands today at 123.

The number of wounded Israeli soldiers is well into the hundreds.

The international nonprofit organization known as Belev Echad, comprised of over 500 wounded Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers, has stepped up its mission to help.

This military aid organization’s sole mission is to find IDF soldiers and help them and their families however it can.

Since Saturday, the New York-based nonprofit has stepped up to help the Israeli soldiers, giving them moral support as they head to the front lines – even packaging food for the hungry and bandaging the wounded.

NewsNation spoke with Aviv Bar. She is an American, a former IDF soldier and captain in its air force and has herself been wounded.

She told NewsNation the horrors she’s seen in the last four days are unimaginable.

“This is a tough time,” Bar said. “You wake up one morning, and everything changes. In one hour, I’m going to go to a funeral. One of the beloved members was murdered in the party of the South. We couldn’t find her for the last two and a half days. We were just informed three hours ago that she was murdered. This has been a very difficult time for all of us. I’m talking not about one name, one person that’s close to my heart, one person that I worked with, that I spent time with. But we’re talking about hundreds. And I have one, but there are people who have 4,5,6,7 friends, family members, who are not with us anymore.”

The founder of the group said her name was Raz Mizrahi. She was at that party of 2,000 people or so when Hamas murdered her.

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