What do war games involving Russia, China and India mean for US?


(NewsNation) — A conglomerate of nations, including China, Russia, India and Belarus, are participating in joint war games in Eastern Russia, a possible show of force from Russia and China intended for the eyes of the U.S.

Retired Maj. Gen. William Enyart said war games are not uncommon, but it is no secret China and Russia have a tense military relationship with the United States, thanks to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s provocation of Taiwan in the South China Sea.

“What’s more important about this is it is the second time this year Russia and China held maneuvers together.” Enyart said. “I believe that both Russia and China see the U.S. as their prime rival, but really this appears to be a temporary alliance.”

Enyart said he does not believe a joint Russia and China force would be able to overwhelm the U.S. military, but added a nuclear conflict would assure the destruction of all nations involved.

Enyart’s full interview can be viewed above.

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