What should we expect from King Charles III?


(NewsNation) — Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Thursday thrust her son, Charles, now King Charles III, onto the throne, a job he has been preparing for for decades.

In his first address to Britain as king, he spoke passionately and emotionally about his late mother and pledged a life of service to Britain. But, when the dust settles after the queen’s death, there will be a country to oversee for King Charles III, a country where only 6 in 10 people favor keeping the monarchy.

Royal family expert Hilary Fordwich said despite this being such an unsettling moment for Britain, she believes a smooth transition has been seen thus far.

“It’s lovely to have a head of state that is not polarizing and that is what King Charles has to do is not be political so that he is not polarizing so he can be a head of state that can rule all of the people and reign over all of the people so everyone will accept him,” Fordwich said.

Fordwich’s full interview about the transition of power can be viewed above.

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